Design approval

To ensure a quality built environment, to match the natural beauty of Pokeno’s countryside, Pokeno Village Estate (PVE) is undertaking a design approval process:

The purchaser must obtain the approval of PVE before making an application for a resource consent or building consent. The plans to be submitted for approval must include:

Site Plans Detailing

  • House siting of no less than 150m² 
  • Garages / other accessory buildings
  • Any fence or wall
  • Driveways, decks, courtyards, sidewalks, swimming pools

Building Plans Detailing

  • Plans, sections, elevations
  • Colours & materials identified
  • Roof slope & building height
  • All fences are to be approved by PVE. No fence is to be erected on or within 3 metres of the road frontage. All fences are to be coated or painted
  • PVE reserves the right to make final decisions, or exceptions on the design of the dwelling and the site

Landscape Plan

  • This does not have to be prepared by a landscape architect


Details on the covenants and conditions of the Sale & Purchase agreements are available by contacting Otto Veltman here.